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We started Alternative Pest Control in 1986, 28 years ago.  We decided to offer exclusion services about four years ago to boost business during the traditional slower winter months.  Most exclusion services require trapping, to rid the structure of rodents after closing their access to the structure.  To bait the live traps we used peanut butter and also tried some commercially available baits. We found these baits to be messy and inconsistent in their ability to attract the our target animal.

Since we had such poor success from other baits, we decided to develop our own. We spent months developing RoBait.  We would put the various versions in labeled containers in our heavily wooded back yard and observed the reaction of the squirrels as they investigated and consumed the baits.  The squirrels seemed to like and feed on all the baits we tested.  We set the bait in the same location  every time and they learned to look for the baits when we set them out. 

The first time we tested RoBait, one squirrel took the whole container up into the tree!  In subsequent feedings the squirrels consistently took RoBait first and would eventually come back to feed on the other test baits.  Robait contains nutrients that are scarce in the wild.   

We then began using Robait for live trapping and on rodent glue boards.  The effectiveness of Robait was immediately confirmed. Sometimes, the traps worked before the technician left the field.  The glue boards were so full there was no room for additional rats.  Clients were very pleased with the quick results.  We continued to tweak the bait but subsequent versions were not as effective as Robait.

This bait has been successfully field tested for four years, we wouldn't use anything else.  We have made many innovations in our pest control and termite treatments, but this is bait is so effective we are offering it to our industry.  As you know, Atlanta and its surrounding counties have been experiencing an explosion in rodent population and the problems with infestations in our homes and businesses.  There are plenty of rodents to go around as the rodent population increases more and more companies in our industry will offer rodent exclusions. 

    About us

    ....Since we met with such poor success from other baits, we decided to develop our own. We spent months developing RoBait. (more)

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