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Field Tested

We are pest control people.  We own our own pest control company, serving the Metro Altanta community in Georgia, and have for decades.  RoBait was developed becuase we could not find a quick-acting, effective rodent bait.  It was costing us money as well, as our technicians would make numerous, fruitless trips to check traps that always seemed empty.

Customers were frustrated with the number of service calls required to take care of their rodent problems, and worse than that often times it left them without peace in their own home, from the intrusion of these wild animals. We tried peanut butter and various commercial baits, which all seemed to yield no better effectiveness.  We needed something that would work consistently and quickly.  So we decided to do some research and development, and spent many months testing different formulas in the field and with the squirrels locally on our own property.

Our backyard test subjects liked most of the bait I offered them.  We would offer three or four different baits and watch for their reactions to each new type that we had created. The RoBait test was an immediate success--  we had found the right formula. In fact, the squirrels ignored the three other baits we had created and took this bait and its container up into the tree with them! 

RoBait has been thoroughly field tested with consistent success. 


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    ....Since we met with such poor success from other baits, we decided to develop our own. We spent months developing RoBait. (more)

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