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Product Specs
  • FAST ACTING -  Works quickly eliminating wasted trips to find empty traps.  Sometimes the traps work before the technicians leave the customers home.
  • WORKS LONGER – Because RoBait  doesn't dry out, the scent remains for months ideal for maintainance situations.
  • UNAFFECTED BY TEMPERATURE CHANGES -  cold or hot, remains soft and aromatic.
  • WON'T SPOIL -  will keep soft and effective for months without refrigeration.
  • EASY TO USE -  The texture of RoBait easily forms into pea sized pre-bait balls.
  • NON-TOXIC to pets, people and non-target animals.

Works well for these types of Rodents:

  • NORWAY AND ROOF RATS  - Effective for snap traps and glue boards (on two occasions we have caught 3 rats on a single rat snap trap).
  • MICE -  very effective for glue boards. We have found glue-boards so full there was no room left for another mouse.
  • FLYING SQUIRRELS – Flying squirrels have to be live trapped and checked every 24 hours. RoBait eliminates multiple trips to check traps.
  • GREY SQUIRRELS - same rules apply here. 
  • RoBait contains the nutrients squirrels actively seek in the wild.
  • RoBAIT is most effective when used as a pre-bait and trap bait.

How to Use RoBait:

  • Scatter small pea size pre-bait on rat  runways to draw rodents to your trap.
  • In attics, draw squirrels to your trap by placing or tossing small balls of bait  from the cornice area leading back to the live trap.
  • The pre-bait aroma fills the attic and is very attractive to all rodents.

RoBait is the only rodent attractant we use to “catch em quick”




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    ....Since we met with such poor success from other baits, we decided to develop our own. We spent months developing RoBait. (more)

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